Timber decking

Sophisticated and high-performance outdoor products that can meet the demands of extreme weather conditions, high traffic and abrasive wear.

Indoor flooring

Rejuvenate your space with our beautiful selections of well-made, eco-friendly and no-frills flooring solutions.

Wall feature

All you need is one fabulous wall to really make a space stand out. Whether you want to make a statement, or simply have a small space that need to impress without overwhelming, we can help!

Ceiling panel

Ceiling panel or cladding provides the illusion of a heightened ceiling. Say no more to catastrophic feel.


Nobody says that fences had to be traditional. Go home to contemporary fences in various designs and colours.


Trellis does not only shield off part of the sun but is an ideal structure that add sophisticated feel of country to your space. Think vineyards and the cirrus clouds in the sky, all envisioned through the trellis. Why not add some crawler plants too?

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